Behavioral Health Communication PSA Campaign

Social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blogs provide an avenue to disseminate behavioral health promotional information to a large number of individuals. The HBCU-CFE supports HBCUs in their efforts to engage their campus community around behavioral health awareness via social media. One of our signature events offers students the opportunity to promote campus-specific behavioral health campaigns through the use of social media. The annual behavioral health communication PSA campaign provides an opportunity for students to produce an informative and educational communication campaign to disseminate information and raise awareness of behavioral health issues. The campaigns are required to emphasize positive behaviors, benefits of peer support and provide referral and or resource information. This event has been very successful among HBCU students.



1. Clinton College
2.North Carolina A & T State University:“You are Not Alone”
3. Delaware State University: “Does Your H. B. See You?”

Honorable Mention
Prairie View A & M University:#BLACKGIRLSCRYTOO
Florida Memorial University
Delaware State University

1.  Xavier University of Louisiana:“Changing the Culture - Sexual Assault Awareness”
2. Delaware State University: “Don’t Overflow Your Mind”
3. Delaware State University: “Don’t Take Your Life”

1. Florida Memorial University:“Even Silent Battles are Heard”
2. University of Arkansas Pine Bluff
3. Bennett College: “Sisterhood”

Honorable Mention
Alcorn State University: “Words Hurt”
Saint Augustines University:“Henny-thing is Possible”

2016-2017 PSA Campaign

Print Winners

1st Place – Xavier University  of  Louisiana

2nd Place – Clinton College

3rd Place –Delaware State University

Audio Winners


1st Place – Savannah State University
Project Zero
Because One Suicide is Too Many

Creative Team
Corintez Fisher
Lauryn Webster
Elishah Bowles
Jaedon Richards
Edward Fox III.
Ms. Jacqueline Awe, Advisor

2nd Place - Hinds Community College Utica Campus
Addiction, Anxiety or Depression Friends help Friends!

Creative Team
Edmond C. McDonald
Arnon Drake
Dr. Gloria Daniels, Advisor

Audio Coming Soon!

Video Winners

1st Place – Alcorn State University
Encouraging Help Seeking Behaviors
Among Students at HBCUs

2nd Place – Talladega College
Exploring Emotionally Intelligent
Behavioral Health Practices

3rd Place –Norfolk State University
You Can Win The Race!

Video Coming Soon!

Honorable Mention


Contest Purpose

To utilize the creative talents of HBCU students to produce an informative and educational communication campaign to disseminates information and raise awareness about Behavioral Health to include signs and symptoms, its impact on the overall well-being of students and associated impacts on academic performance and encourage help seeking behaviors on college campuses and in communities. The campaign should emphasize positive behaviors, benefits of peer support and provide referral and or resource information.

A successful media campaign will:
• Capture the viewer’s attention
• Present a clear and comprehensive message
• Inspire and motivate the viewer into action
• Inform the viewer
• Give a voice to individuals with behavioral health issues
• Convince the viewer that they can make a difference
• Encourage the viewer to promote positive behaviors of self and others

Getting Started

Students may want to preview existing campaigns and materials for ideas about what might work on their campus. Also, national behavioral health organization sites are listed below.

Examples of Media Campaigns

National Resources:

Things You Must Do – (Entry Criteria)

1.) Complete the HBCU Behavioral Health Communication Promotion Campaign application
2.) Develop communication message pertaining to Behavioral Health Awareness (promotion, prevention, treatment and/or recovery of mental health and substance abuse issues).
3.) Secure written consent for any content contained in the PSA that that entrant(s) did not create, e.g. images and music (entries will be disqualified without proper consent).

Contest Rules & Submission Agreement

Originality- Each submission must be an original creation. All video and audio media should be no longer than 30 seconds. Print material should be only 1 page and legible.

Publicity- Submission of entries acknowledges the right of the HBCU-CFE and SAMHSA to use them for publication and exhibition. By submitting an entry you accept responsibility for securing all appropriate releases (i.e. talent, writers, producers, and institution approval).

Intellectual Property-All entries become the property of the HBCU-CFE and cannot be returned. The HBCU-CFE reserves the right to reproduce and publish all contest entries. We respect and acknowledge the intellectual copyright of the entering HBCUs creative work and fully protect those rights.



1) By entering the competition, the entrant warrants that an entry is an original work created by the entrant and that the use of reproduction of the entry by the sponsors will not infringe the copyright or any other intellectual property of any third party.

2) The topic must include Behavioral Health Awareness (promotion, prevention, treatment and/or recovery of mental health and substance abuse issues). Submission must not contain material that is inappropriate (i.e., depicting negative images and/or stereotype of mental illness, or behaviors that are harmful) indecent, obscene and defamatory. Submission must also adhere to their institution guidelines.

3) Audio and video entries will only be accepted in the following formats: WMV, WMA, WAV, and MP3. Audio and video entries must be only 30-seconds and 1 megabytes (MB) long. Entries that are longer than 30-seconds will be disqualified. Print entry is limited to one page PDF. Please compress any large file prior to submission.

4) Colleges and Universities can submit entries in multiple categories and there is no limit to the number of submissions per category or per institution. By submitting an entry, the contestant(s) give HBCU-CFE and SAMHSA the right to publish the PSA in part or in whole in any medium. Entrants must be cognizant of their institution policies and obtain the proper clearance prior to submission.

•Projects are open to individual or groups
•All submissions must be informative, educational and raise awareness about behavioral health issues or promote student behavioral health to positively impact student retention.

Format Guidelines

1) Print category ideas include (but are not limited to) one page magazine or newspaper advertisement, a poster, a brochure, photography, CD cover, a painting, etc. A hard copy of the print entry may be mailed to the HBCU-CFE (Attn: Joan Trent, Morehouse School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, 720 Westview Drive, SW Atlanta, GA 30310). Print entries can also be submitted as a PDF document to

2) Audio category ideas include (but are not limited to) songs, radio advertisements, sound tracks, etc. Audio submissions must be submitted in WMV, WMA, WAV, and MP3 formats. The length of the audio cannot be longer than 30-seconds. Submit your audio entry to

3) Video category ideas include (but are not limited to) TV commercials, music videos, etc. Videos must be submitted in WMV, WMA, WAV, and MP3 formats. The length of the video cannot be longer than 30-seconds. Submit your video entry to
Please understand that entries will not be returned.


1) The winners will be recognized nationally at the National HBCU Behavioral Health Awareness Day Webcast, Dr. Lonnie E. Mitchell Behavioral Health Policy Academy and posted on the HBCU Center for Excellence, social media sites and the HBCU Center for Excellence website ( The winners will also receive a plaque to acknowledge achievement.

2) Honorable mentions will receive certificates and recognition and be mentioned during the National HBCU Behavioral Health Awareness Day Webcast.

3) All participants will receive a certificate for participation for service.

2015-2016 PSA Campaign

HBCU-Center for Excellence Behavioral Health PSA Campaign: And the Winners Are!


1st Place

Alcorn State University
You Are Not Alone!

This video depicts a few of the struggles that international college students go through while pursuing a degree that may cause them to die by suicide.

Team:  Dr. Martha Ravola, JaKia Gilbert, Viswanadha S. Sekhar Vegi, Akshay Swaraj

2nd Place

Xavier University of Louisiana
Fitness: The Natural Remedy for Behavioral Health!

This is a motivational video that inspires minorities to live the fitness lifestyle, reduce depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses

Team: Shirley Labbe, David Powell, Kyazia Felder, Raheem Frank, Jaya Thompson


1st Place

Clinton College

Clinton College _ PSA Feb 2016 1st place picture

“Depression – How to get Help”

Team: Ryan Wilson, Jamontae Duncan, Andrea Edwards, Elijah Saavedra, Mr. Reggie Rucker, Advisor

2nd Place

Florida Memorial University

Fla Memorial _AThomas PSA Feb 2016

“Increasing Awareness about Suicide Prevention Among College Students”

Team: Akelia Thomas, Professor Stephenson, Advisor